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Bass Lessons

Josh is an experienced bassist and educator with openings for new students. Whether you’ve been wanting to pick up the bass, are returning after an absence, or want to start getting your playing together to really move up to the next level, Josh can help you on your way. Students of all levels are welcomed and encouraged.

Teaching Experience
Josh has a degree from the New England Conservatory of Music, and 12+ years of teaching experience. Josh has dedicated his life to music and would like nothing more than to pass his knowledge on to anyone willing to learn. Whether you’re interested in classical performance, jazz, or folk, Josh has the skills and experience to help you improve your playing.

Teaching Philosophy
Josh enjoys working with students on the technical aspects of playing the bass, and  its role in different forms of music. He also works with his students to help them build the skills they’ll need to be an active and integral part of any group. Josh tailors his teaching to the specific needs of his students.

Lessons include:

  • technique
  • arco (bowing)
  • pizzicato (plucking)
  • repertoire
  • soloing
  • improvising
  • composing bass lines
  • fills
  • equipment advice
  • and much more!

Pricing and Availability:
Lessons are available in the greater Portland area.

Private classes are $200/4 hours of classes, 30 minute lessons are $125/4. Other arrangements may be possible- please inquire. Single lessons are $65/hour. Lessons can be used as you like (i.e. once a week, every other week, two-hour lessons etc.), but prepaid lessons must be used with in six months of the date of purchase.

Scholarships may be available for those students who cannot afford full priced lessons. If you want to study with Josh, please inquire.

Contact Josh by phone at 917-776-2801, or use the form below.