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  • Indian music class
  • Indian music class
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  • Indian music class
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Sitar Lessons

“Grounded in the esteemed Maihar tradition, Josh Feinberg brings his own prodigious talent and insight to the music. I consider myself quite fortunate to have received the guidance of such a musician and teacher.”

“Josh brings his recent experience of a year-long fellowship to study his art in Kolkata to bear on startlingly good technique and a depth of approach beyond his years, stemming from his intense love of the late sitar sadhu Nikhil Banerjee.”

“Josh is a fantastic sitar player and an inspiration to me as a teacher. He has picked up the art in a very short period of time and has a talent for breaking down and simplifying complex patterns and rhythms for his students. I have enjoyed every lesson I have had with him.”

Teaching Experience:

Josh has a Bachelors degree from New England Conservatory of Music, a Masters of Fine Arts from Goddard College, and 15+ years of teaching experience. He wrote a Sitar Method for the Hal Leonard Corporation publisehd and distributed world-wide in 2013. Josh enjoys teaching dedicated students of all levels and has taught students on a variety of instruments including sitar, santoor, harmonium, piano, bass, oboe, violin, guitar, and voice. If you already play an instrument and would like to learn raga music, please inquire about classes.

Teaching Philosophy:

Josh’s approach to teaching is very thorough. He gives his students a firm grounding in technique, composition, approach, theory, history, and culture. Josh teaches traditional material as well as original compositions specifically designed for his students based on their learning needs.

Classes Include:

  • raga theory and practice (the melodic part of the music)
  • tala theory and practice (the rhythmic part of the music)
  • compositions
  • raga repertoire
  • technique
  • listening skills
  • improvisation
  • instrument maintenance and repair
  • advice regarding the purchase of a new instrument
  • and more!

Getting Started:

Students of all instruments and levels are welcome and encouraged to sign up for lessons. Group classes offer students the chance to play and interact with other students, and can make the learning environment fun and engaging. A tabla player (drummer) will be present in most classes to provide accompaniment and rhythmic support, which is often not possible for private lessons.

Josh’s classes are taught in two skill levels:  Instrumental I  and Instrumental II. The first class is geared towards beginning students who are learning the fundamentals of music. Material in this class is introduced and explored at a pace commensurate with that level. Students who are capable of learning ornaments and are comfortable with techniques such as bending notes (meend), hammer-ons/pull-offs (krintan), etc. are usually placed in the Instrumental II class.

Students who are beginning to learn music, or who have just started on a new instrument, are encouraged to sign up for a few private lessons before joining group classes. This helps Josh assess the student’s level and get them up to speed before joining the appropriate class.

Instrument Rentals and Sales:

Rental sitars are available for both adults and children for $65/month. $50 of rent each month can be put towards the purchase of an instrument, up to a maximum of $200.

In addition to sitars Josh has strings, picks (mizrabs), beads, bridges (jawari), and anything else you need to play sitar available for purchase. Please inquire using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or emailing

Availability and Rates:

Josh teaches in Portland, Beaverton, Eugene and Seattle. Portland classes are taught at Lewis and Clark College and Reed College. Beaverton classes are taught at Josh’s studio. Teaching schedules are listed in the Events section of the site. To get the more cost-effective package rates, you must pay for all the classes you are going to take in the semester at the first class. PREPAID GROUP CLASSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND CANNOT BE RESCHEDULED.



Portland/Beaverton weekly classes:

  • Instrumental I: Thursdays (check Events page for exact dates and times)
  • Instrumental II: Thursdays (check Events page for exact dates and times)

Classes are taught in 4-class semesters taught at Josh’s studio in Beaverton east of highway 217 (please email me for the address). Students who sign up for the whole semester will be given a discount. Students are strongly encouraged to attend all the classes in a semester, but if it is not possible they are welcome to attend classes as often as they like.

  1. Full semester package (4 classes): $160


Biweekly classes:

  • Biweekly I: every other Tuesday (check Events page for exact dates and times)
  • Biweekly II: every other Tuesday (check Events page for exact dates and times)

Bi-weekly classes meet every other week. These classes are also taught in 4-class semesters and are held at Josh’s studio in Beaverton east of highway 217 (please email me for the address). Students are strongly encouraged to attend all the classes in a semester, but if it is not possible, students are welcome to attend classes as often as they like.

  1. Full semester package (4 classes): $160




Check the Events page, or contact Josh about scheduling.


Private Lessons:

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for the group classes. However, private lessons are available. Prepaid lessons can be used as you like (i.e. once a week, every other week, two-hour lessons etc.), but they must be used with in six months of the date of purchase. The package price is for 4 hours of classes, but students may use them as they like: lessons of 30minute, 1hr, 2hrs etc.

If you prepay for private lessons and transfer to a group class before all of the lessons are used up, the prepaid balance can be applied to the group class tuition.

  • 4 hours of classes: $200
  • Single lessons: $65/hour
  • 30 minute lessons are $125/4


Scholarships may be available for those students who cannot afford full priced lessons. If you want to study with Josh, please contact him to inquire.


Contact Josh by phone at 917-776-2801, or use the form below.